Our Farm's Story

Flashback to 2018 - when commercial meat products from the grocery store no longer satisfied us, we decided it was time to take our family's health into our own hands. We started with chickens in the front yard and never imagined it would take us this far. We soon welcomed our first pigs to the farm in 2019.  

We've adopted a rotational grazing philosophy that allows the animals to live in the way nature intended. The animals are moved to new grass regularly and have access to fresh water, plenty of sunshine and all the bugs, roots, grass etc that they like! 

We are so impressed with the meat quality and taste of our pasture raised pork and chicken and are so happy that we are now able to share that with others.

In addition to the satisfaction of raising healthy protein, we have also enjoyed sharing our farm experiences with our boys. Colton loves playing with the pigs and feeding the chickens. He is learning first hand about animals and responsibility in a hands on way and we hope his love for animals continues to grow. We love that we can do this as a family.

-Coty & Amy Hough

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